Robbie’s Journey

Seven years ago, Robbie White sat across the desk from her doctor and heard these words… “You have Stage 4 colon cancer.  You need to go home and get your affairs in order.  You have six months to live.”  Robbie immediately turned to God saying “I do not know your plan for my life, but please let me live long enough to see my son graduate from high school.  Please guide me and I will follow wherever you lead me.”

Robbie set about on a mission to educate herself on the disease:  researching information on treatments, seeking hospitals with the most up to date cancer programs, treatment options, conversations with physicians, cancer patients and cancer survivors.  God led her to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and to oncologist, Dr. George Kim.  Dr. Kim developed a plan for Robbie, short and long term goals.  She knew this was also part of God’s plan.

She underwent several surgeries at Mayo and continues her quarterly visits there.  Robbie was able to receive her weekly chemo treatments at a local Cancer Treatment center in Milledgeville rather than traveling to Jacksonville.  During her visits to the Cancer Center, she met many patients in various stages of cancer and also got to know their family members.  Robbie became aware of other effects of cancer on these families: financial and emotional.  She met a man who had brain cancer.  He and his wife had been evicted from their rental home due to loss of income because he was unable to work and his wife had to quit her job to take care of him.  Robbie prayed and asked God to show her how to help these people and other cancer families.

As she became more involved in the cancer community, Robbie came to realize the tremendous need for families in Middle Georgia whose lives have been turned upside down by a loved one receiving a cancer diagnosis. She realized that people needed help paying their rent, utility bills, money for groceries, gas money for traveling for medical appointments and many other daily living expenses associated with cancer.  Robbie realized that she had an obligation to help those in need.  She also knew this was part of God’s plan for her.  Robbie had a very successful 25 year career in Sales at BellSouth and she knew how to talk to people and she knew that when people told her “No”, they merely needed more information and they would see things her way!  She contacted her closest friends and let them know of her vision and passion and how they could have an impact on improving cancer patients’ lives.  She enlisted her husband, Danny, and an Accountant friend and the three of them became Board Members and Georgia Cancer Support was founded in October, 2011.

Georgia Cancer Support held its first fundraiser at Kroger in Milledgeville December 4, 2011 with the original group of 10 friends.  The only objective for the day was to let Kroger customers know about GCS and ask for a donation and also contact any friends or family by phone and ask for donations.  The group was excited about the task but had no idea on what to expect that day.  As the small group began, more and more friends joined as word had spread throughout Milledgeville and Macon and people wanted to help!  $1600 was collected for GCS that day and everyone knew this was much bigger than originally thought.  But, most importantly, God had shown the need existed and cancer patients could be helped by GCS.  Robbie knew this was God’s plan for her life.  She prayed for God to continue to guide her and GCS to expand it’s reach and help more people.

Robbie tirelessly knocked on doors of businesses in Middle GA to let them know about GCS and how to help cancer victims in their community.  During this time, Robbie was continuing her weekly chemo treatments on Mondays.  She would rest on Tuesday and be right back out the remainder of the week helping patients and/or spreading the word and the mission of GCS.

Since that first fundraiser, GCS has raised over $39,000 which has allowed cancer patients in Middle Georgia to receive financial, emotional and spiritual support.  Through Corporate sponsors such as Papa John’s Pizza, Kroger, Chick-Fil-A, and Childre Nissan, GCS has become a highly respected and recognized charitable organization in only three and a half years.  Robbie refuses any personal recognition for the success of GCS.  She bows to the group of close friends who jumped on board with her three and a half years ago, no questions asked.  Most of all, she thanks God for His plan and allowing her these 7 years to be part of His plan.

We are here today to recognize a woman whose vision and passion became a reality…Robbie White.