GCS Food Pantry

Georgia Cancer Support Food Pantry, The Market Basket, Milledgeville GA

(L-Right: GCS volunteers Nelanie McAfee and Pam Beer with Market Basket owner Natacha Ansley)

Local Business owner Natacha Ansley partners with Georgia Cancer Support to create Food Pantry for Middle Georgia Cancer Patients

Late in 2015, GCS volunteer Natacha Ansley made Robbie White’s final vision for Georgia Cancer Support a reality:  creation of a food pantry for GCS’s patients.  Owner of The Market Basket, a fresh fish and seafood store, Natacha had recently cleared a small room to make an office for her business.  Shortly afterwards, she attended a board meeting where Robbie mentioned how much she wanted to start a food pantry.  “I knew the vision she had; the Lord used me as a vessel to manifest it,” says Natacha. “I waited until after the meeting and told Robbie that I had a place for her food pantry at the Market Basket.”  Inside her store, Ansley keeps a box out front and encourages canned/ boxed food donations of any kind.  “If you can bring one can (of food), do it,” she says to customers.  “It’s all about giving back.”  Now known as the Georgia Cancer Support Food Pantry, Ansley welcomes donations of canned goods and other non-perishable foods, as well as necessities such as toilet paper.  Boost® drinks are particularly needed, as several of their patients can only ingest liquid nutrition. She is joined by GCS volunteers Pam Beer and Nelanie McAfee who manage procurement and distribution of food and supplies to cancer patients.